Kiplinger: “Personal Finance Tips for the Year of the Rabbit”

Kiplinger, Feb. 4, 2023 — In this month’s column for Kiplinger, Marguerita Cheng, CFP® Pro, explains: “Being intelligent like a rabbit by making smart choices about spending and saving, paying attention to details and exercising patience in investing can help increase financial security.”

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By Marguerita Cheng, CFP® Pro

The year 2023 has started on a strong and positive note after the turbulence of 2022. According to a Forbes Advisor survey(opens in new tab), 43% of Americans are optimistic their finances will improve this year as we look to increase our financial security and prosperity. Let’s explore some personal finance tips based on the Year of the Rabbit.

What is the Year of the Rabbit? The Chinese celebrate their new year on different dates. The Chinese calendar is based on solar and lunar cycles. The lunar calendar describes the 12-year repeating cycles of the Chinese zodiac and is named after an animal every year. On Jan. 22, the Lunar New Year began in earnest. It is also called the Year of the Water Rabbit.

Most animals in the Vietnamese zodiac are the same as those in the Chinese zodiac. However, this year has unique differences(opens in new tab) since the Vietnamese will celebrate the Year of the Cat. In contrast, other Asian countries, such as China, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, and Korea, will celebrate the Year of the Rabbit. Tibetan and Mongolian cultures also celebrate the Lunar New Year one month later, in February.

Some of the unique characteristics of the cat include speed and acuity. Cats are fast and sharp with every detail since they will see things you may not readily notice. They move with speed and are intelligent and honest. They have a fast thought process that allows them to quickly perform a lot of work.

The Year of the Rabbit involves generous rewards of past sacrifices. All the seeds of effort you have sown will bear fruit and pay off. Their sweetness depends on your purest intentions.

According to Chinese astrology, the rabbit symbolizes prosperity, peace, longevity and hope. The rabbit is the fourth animal in the Chinese zodiac and the luckiest of all animals. It symbolizes elegance, mercy, alertness, patience, intelligence and swiftness. People born in the Year of the Water Rabbit are peaceful and calm. They shy away from arguments and love fine things. They are artistic and pay attention to details. Rabbits are smart animals; you can use their traits to plan for a prosperous financial future.

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