Road to Exchange: Marguerita Cheng — A video interview with Marguerita Cheng, CFP® Pro

VettaFi, February 6, 2024 — As February 11 continues to inch closer, and closer advisors and financial service providers may be wondering what type of individuals in the industry will be attending the highly anticipated Exchange Conference. To help provide some more insight into this, VettaFi’s CMO, Jon Fee, recently sat down with Marguerita Cheng, the CEO, and Founder of Blue Ocean Global Wealth to discuss why she is on the “Road to Exchange.”

Jon Fee: Marguerita Cheng, thank you for joining me on the road to Exchange. You’re not only the founder and CEO of Blue Ocean Global Wealth, you’re an incredibly accomplished parent. I could talk to you about parenting tips all day long. I love how you think about it. But today we’re talking about you, your business, and what we’ve got in store for folks down at Exchange. The conference is taking place February 11th through 14th in Miami Beach. Margarita, how are you doing today?

Marguerita Cheng: Awesome. Thank you so much for having me. And it’s so exciting to see everything come together as a member of the Exchange Advisory Council.

Jon Fee: Absolutely. I always think about 2,000 people across the wealth management space, predominantly advisors, coming from every state in the United States are about to migrate down to Miami Beach. And I just think like, wow, everyone’s getting their bags together. They’re figuring out their networking plans. So it’s pretty wide. I love it. We’re incredibly grateful for you to be a part of the council as well as me and other colleagues across that this is a conference for advisors by advisors. And with that said, tell me about your business. Tell me about why you started Blue Ocean and the problems that you’re solving in the marketplace today. Click here to watch the interview!