Financial Coach Linda Lingo offers: 8 Tips to Create Your Money Mindset

By Financial Coach Linda Lingo

Did you know the most important part of achieving your money goals requires the right mindset? Attaining the right mindset to build wealth means working on how you think and your discipline, maybe getting uncomfortable, and doing what it takes to reach your end goal.

The first question you may have is, “What is Money Mindset, and how do I create it?”

Money mindset means being intentional with your money, both spending and saving it. Developing a positive money mindset includes developing habits that work for you and reflect what you’re trying to achieve with your money.

These money habits are unique for each individual. What’s most important is practicing your money habits consistently. 

I’d like to share 8 tips to help you create your positive money mindset. I use these both for myself and my clients to go from “I’m no good at managing my money” to “I am confident in managing my finances.”

I used to believe I couldn’t manage my money (only because that was the story my ex told me)! Since then, I’ve turned that negative thinking into a powerful, positive money mindset, and you can too! Here’s how to start:

  1. Decide to be financially successful – Making up your mind that you will be wealthy means committing to the journey and trusting the process.
  2. Determine your life values This is your “why” for wanting financial success. Your values drive your purpose and help develop your motivation.
  3. Get comfortable with your fears The thing about fear is you have two choices: let it keep you stuck, or embrace fear as part of the journey and don’t allow it to hold you back. Remember your “why” and recognize that for every fear, you can take at least one action (even if small) to counter the fear. Before you know it, you’ll have made progress.
  4. Express gratitude It’s a great way to adjust what you focus on, all the good that has come to you. Gratitude also drives contentment in your life, so you’re less likely to spend, spend, spend!
  5. Use affirmations to improve your money mindset Practicing positive affirmations can reprogram your brain. So using affirmations will improve your outlook and give you a healthy money mindset. Consider some of the following:
    • Money is a tool that can change my life for the better.
    • My finances don’t scare me because I have a plan.
    • I am on the path to a wealthy life.
    • I have the power to be a financially successful person.
    • I believe in my ability to earn more money.
    • My future self will thank me for saving money.
    • I am happy when I spend my money with intention.

    6. Don’t dwell on your past financial mistakes Why? Failure is the path to success. Use your mistakes to learn from and grow as a person.

    7. Let go of limiting money beliefs Write down some big goals and set your sights high. Also, use your daily money affirmations to bust through those old beliefs.

   8. Get help with money mindset coaching! Join my Financially Free Women’s Group Coaching program, and you’ll have wonderful accountability partners. (Reply for the details)

Developing a positive money mindset is the first step to implementing financial self-care and putting you on the path to becoming financially free.